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Saturday, August 27, 2022

Exclusive: interview with Brazilian star Antony on his future, Man United and more Fabrizio Romano Comfirm

Exclusive: interview with Brazilian star Antony on his future, Man United and more ⤵️πŸ”΄

▫️ How is the negotiation for your transfer going?

▪️ Antony: "Since February of this year, my agents came to Amsterdam to inform Ajax of my desire to leave the club to face new challenge and that some interested clubs would arrive and with them, certainly a great offer".

▫️ What happened with Ajax?

▪️ Antony: "In June of this year, I interrupted my vacation and came personally to inform the managers of Ajax, including new coach, about my wish to leave and that they should consider this possibility, because it was a project for 2 seasons".

▫️ Antony, what did you tell the club so?

▪️ Antony: "During the window months, meetings continued and I also received a proposal from Ajax for contract renewal. I made it clear once again: I WANT TO LEAVE".

▫️ What happened today, Friday?

▪️ Antony: "Today, in a meeting with the club, I expressed my old interest in leaving - this time with considerable offer on the table. Others had already arrived! Ajax refused with argument that they only have 5 days to replace me".

▫️ Why Ajax don't want to let you go?

▪️ Antony: "I'm not asking Ajax to release me, I'm asking Ajax to sell me with the highest bid ever for Eredivisie player. I've been insisting on this theme since February so that the club could rebuild the team with peace of mind".

▫️ How do you feel about the club?

▪️ Antony: "I was very happy in Amsterdam, I won titles at Ajax, made friends and built part of my career, but now I REINFORCE that I am ready and full of motivation to follow my story and my dreams".

▫️ What's your position right now?

▪️ Antony: "People need to listen to me and understand that my motivation moves me towards happiness. I need this to continue performing at a high level. Ajax will always be in my heart!".

▫️ What’s your message to Ajax fans?

▪️ Antony: "I hope Ajax fans understand me... because the future for a football player is a totally uncertain thing and the opportunities can be unique!"

"My message is one of gratitude for Ajax, club and fans".

@antony00 ✍🏻

#manunited #mufc #antony ⭐️

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