EXCLUSIVE: Highlight From MOUAU ASUU Meeting Held Recently

 EXCLUSIVE: Highlight From MOUAU ASUU Meeting Held Recently

1. Minimum Wage Arrears: 6 different schools including Universities of Agriculture were not paid the arrears of the consequential adjustment to the minimum wage. When the Union sought for explanation on why they were omitted, it was reported that the Ministry of Education excluded those under the Ministry of Agriculture. Then, the Minister of Agriculture was contacted by National leadership of ASUU and they said they were working on it. 

Submissions were called from the omitted schools including ours. Unfortunately, ours came over bloated in figures and it was sent back for corrections. Later on, it was also discovered that what was resent didn't capture Account numbers of our Staff. It was returned again for corrections which was completed by Thursday last week. 

Thereafter, the ministry said they are expecting the remaining five schools to submit so they can pay everyone generally. But, the Union prevailed on them to pay those whose own are ready yesterday which they promised to do. Hence, if they go on as agreed, before the week ends, we should get our own minimum wage arrears.

2. Renegotiation of salaries and agreement:

The Minister of Education took over the negotiations from Labour and ASUU has met severally with the Committee set up for this. After some discussion, they agreed on a percentage increase that was acceptable to ASUU. So, the Government team was tasked to refer back to their Ogas and reconvene on Monday for final conclusion. ASUU President enjoined us all to pray seriously towards Monday meeting because if agreement is reached by Monday, the only hurdle will now be implementation. 

The new salary incorporates allowances such as Journal allowance, rent, etc. The new salary will not be consolidated but split so you know what is your basic and other allowances. Hence, taxation will be done on basic only.

3. EAA and revitalization fund: Due to the lingering strikes and inability of FG to implement agreement citing lack of funds, the Union has agreed for FG to pay a substantial amount of money as EAA and revitalization fund once and for all to cover all arrears till date. This is part of the Union's magnanimity to see that incessant strikes are stopped. Hence, when the money is released, there will be no issue of arrears of EAA again nor revitalization fund. Hence, 2009 agreement will be laid to rest and this new one proposed to be signed this will replace it.

4. UTAS: The platform has passed its test but is not yet accepted because the JAC of non-teaching presented theirs and insisted on using it as their payment platform. Knowing that two different payment platforms can't exist in an institution, the Union proposed to meet JAC and liaise with them to accept UTAS and have a common goal and voice.

5. National Housing Fund: The Union appreciated the idea and has agreed for her members to open accounts with Federal Mortgage Bank where such deductions can be transferred. But, the approval will come after UTAS is deployed so that proper account of all deductions will be transferred. This NHF gives members access to loans for building.

6. Promotion arrears: The University submitted wrong figure which made some persons paid and others not. Hence, ASUU has set up Committee to look into it internally across all schools and develop the right payment schedule. 

7. After the deployment of UTAS, a Committee will be set to look into all deductions under IPPIS and develop cases of over-deductions and prepare a schedule for repayment.

8. Visitation panel report: The white paper is ready and is being gazetted. The reports covers findings between 2011-2016 and 2016-2021.

9. Governing Council of Universities of Agriculture: The Ministry of Agriculture earlier stalled the inauguration of Council members of Universities of Agriculture because they were aggrieved they were constituted by Ministry of Education where those Universities don't belong. Hence, ASUU leadership contacted the Minister who promised to inaugurate them last week but traveled. This will be followed up to see if it will be done soon.


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